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We are still accepting applications if you are interested in having your Colorado Microbrewery added to the tour.  Please contact us with basic information such as your specialty, brewery capacity, and location. 

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We are selecting a limited number of food trucks to partner with several tour dates and locations.  Submit your request to join the tour below.  

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Team Brew



What is Team Brew?

If you love running in new places and tasting Colorado craft brews then we want you on Team Brew!  
This exclusive team will earn amazing swag, free beer and even free entries to our 2019 Brew runs by helping us promote and produce great events.

How can I help?

  • Spread the word

  • Volunteer at a couple Brew Runs

  • Help us to continue to improve our events + come up with new Beer Olympics games!

What do I get?

  • One of our amazing tees

  • Free entries

  • Free brews and swag!

  • A good time with good people for a good cause

Meet our 2018 team: 

Name:  Julia Roake

Lives in Denver

Favorite CO Brew:  Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro

Why do you love to run?
I love to run because it's relaxing, and allows me to go out and see new places (in a way that's faster than walking). I've learned that for me, the best way to see a new city/place is to run.




Name: Luis Linares
Lives in Denver

Favorite CO Brew:  Old Chub

Why do you run?
I run for my health, and so I can drink more beer. 




Name:  Kara Waldmeier

Lives in Centennial

Favorite CO Brew:  Prost's Dunkel or Avalanche

Why do you run?
Because I want to better my running ability and times, l love meeting new people and spreading the word to friends and family about the health benefits of running.



Name:  Heather Higgins

Lives in Fort Collins

Favorite CO Brew:  Funkwerks Dahlia

Why do you run?
Running is my stress relief, where I can zone out and just turn off my head, Everything else fades and the focus is the next turn, the next hill, pushing just a little harder.


Name:  Heather Martindill

Lives in Denver

Favorite CO Brew:  Patio Peach (Two22 Brew)

Why do you run?
I love running for a few reasons foremost is my ability to enjoy the outdoors. While I run on a treadmill if the weather in Colorado dictates, I much prefer to run outdoors and take in the beauty that Colorado has to offer. In addition to enjoying the outdoors, I also love to run for the social aspect. Running is one sport where it is easy and encouraged to talk to those around you while participating in the activity. I have met so many fascinating people through runs. It is also great because you have the ability to support another runner who may be struggling to complete a run or receive support yourself when having an “off running” day.  I also love to run because it allows me the ability to eat and drink whatever I want. 

Name:  Kelsey Briggs

Lives in Wheat Ridge

Favorite CO Brew:  I can only choose one?!?!? Great Divide Lasso

Why do you run?
Running is my release, an escape from adulthood and reality. I can disappear in my thoughts and never know where my mind will take me. I also love the social aspect of it. One of my favorite activities to do with friends is running, whether it's an organized race or just running around town together. The places your conversations can take you can be hilarious.  Kelsey is also a home brewery and will be brewing up a batch for our team to enjoy on the top of a 14er this summer!


Name: Melanie Keating

Lives in Arvada 

Favorite CO brew: I love going to New Terrain brewing and taste testing their fruity beers.

Why do you run?
I love running because I'm a little bit crazy. I love pushing to see just how much I can do. I also run as a way to help keep the weight off that I worked so hard to lose. 


Name: Andrew Kaplan

I am one of the few Natives to Denver. I live in far northeast Denver in Green Valley Ranch

Favorite CO brew:  I don’t really have a favorite beer. I like to experiment with different types from different breweries. In the winter, I prefer IPAs and Stouts, and in the Summer, wheat and lagers.

Why do you run?
I run mostly to keep the beer belly away. But I also get to meet some really incredible people that help inspire me to challenge myself.


Name: Lisa Choi
Lives in Highlands Ranch

Favorite CO Brew: All of them!

Why do you run?
Running makes me clear my mind and to see the world with positive attitude and that the life is not that bad.. in fact, is an awesome life to live, believe and learn.  More I run, more I become one whole!