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5 beers to stop drinking


We will be showcasing local breweries, brews and sharing new information about everything RMBR.  Hope you enjoy!

5 beers to stop drinking

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

Hold on, wait a minute, what?!?  Stop drinking beer you say?  That is blasphemy!

Alright, before you get too upset about this post title, please, read on.  

Most people are able to easily decipher what is good and bad for their bodies.  However, which alcoholic beverages to choose can be more difficult, especially after a few too many. ONE night of drinking could potentially ruin over an entire weeks worth of eating well and working out.
Why?  Because the FDA does not monitor alcoholic beverages, it is not required to label its ingredients. Most breweries will say it is to keep their secret recipes safe, but others have revealed it’s to keep their toxic ingredients hidden.

Here is a list of toxic ingredients frequently found in beer:

• GMO Corn Syrup

• GMO Corn

• High Fructose Corn Syrup

• Fish Bladder

• Propylene Glycol

• Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

• Natural Flavors

• GMO Sugars

• Caramel Coloring

• Insect-Based Dyes

• Carrageenan


Now, here’s a list of beer you should stay away from:

1. New Castle Brown Ale: 
New Castle is at the top of our list because it is the only beer with extra cancer causing qualities. It contains Class 3 & 4 caramel coloring, which is classified as a carcinogen.  

2. Budweiser:
Budweiser may be the most advertised and probably one of the most loved beers in America, but you will not love what Greenpeace found in it in 2007:  GMO rice. 

3. Michelob Ultra:
Michelob Ultra is the commercial beer for women around the US, possibly because of its sweeter taste and lower calories/carbs. Unfortunately, this sweetness is caused by genetically modified sweeteners (GMO dextrose). 

We cry tears of sorrow for you Colorado.......

We cry tears of sorrow for you Colorado.......

4. Corona Extra:
Most people cannot picture a beach trip without a cold Corona and lime. Next time you may think twice about drinking this refreshing beer because it contains GMO corn syrup and Propylene Glycol.

5. Coors Light: 
I know this is a hard one to accept, especially for Coloradans, but I had to throw it on the list.  Coors Light contains GMO corn syrup. You can take it or leave it!

The good news?
Craft beer is where it is at people.  These brews are literally being hand "crafted" in small batches right in front of you.  With only fresh natural ingredients you could almost say that craft beer is good for you, just like your daily multivitamin.

So head to your local microbrewery and let them know we sent you, cheers! 

-  Campbell Kraft
RMBR intern and craft beer lover!