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Good parents earn good beer

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

If you've been to a Brew run then you know what it is all about:  people, fun and beer.  In that order.
We couldn't do what we do if it weren't for our amazing participants, volunteers, fans and brewery partners.  So cheer to you!
This post though is all about the people and the types of people that attend our brew run. 

Those crazy college kids.....

Those crazy college kids.....

We've had groups of college students at our events, out to win as much free beer as possible participating in our Beer Olympics games.  

We have the young professionals and beer aficionados who grew up during this craft beer boom and come to the events looking to socialize and try as many new brews as they can.  

We have the hard core runners. One in particular who comes to many of our events, usually right after completing (an typically winning) another event.  He shows up right before the start, the bib from his previous race still safety pined to his shorts and if he doesn't finish 1st he is not far behind.

We have the dog owners, who bring their furry friends out because our events are some of the only in the state that allow dogs on the course and at the after party.

Lastly, we have the families.  This is a section of our participant base that has been consistently growing over the last year and we are happy to see it!

This baby got her PR!

This baby got her PR!

Parents bring kids of all ages to our events.  From stroller bound babies to tots on bicycles to the 9 year old who won it all at our Blue Spruce Brewery run last year.  We couldn't be more ecstatic to see families getting outside and getting active together, especially when the rate of childhood obesity and related behavior disorders are increasing at an astonishing rate every year. 

There was a recent interview on a local radio show that interviewed a Colorado state ranger.  He said that some physicians are going so far as to write prescriptions for kids (really meant for the parents) to go to the park and play.   

So, whenever we see parents setting a good example by signing up for a run and then bringing their kids (whether the kids are running, walking, biking or just riding along in a stroller) it makes us want to buy them a beer. 

Dad says drink a good beer!

Dad says drink a good beer!

Hey, that's not a bad idea!

So let's do it. 

In tribute to Mother's Day and with Father's Day right around the corner, we will buy any parents that show up with their kids at our Pikes Peak Brew run on May 30th or our AC Golden Brew run on June 27th a free beer! 

Cheers to the people of the beer.