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The history of Beer Olympics

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

We are all about having a good time here at RMBR headquarters.  So when we were brainstorming ways to get you runners to hang around after the run we thought: why not drinking games?

Now we are not talking about throwback games from your college days of quarters and beer pong, guzzling down as much cheap, disgusting beer as fast as possible.


We are talking about games that challenge you on every level:  Can you do burpees?  Can you search and find the cones we've hidden around the complex?  Can you balance a beer on your hand and race across the room?  Can you drink your beer without hands?  These are just some of the fun challenges you will face if you join our famous Beer Olympics games post run. 

Now where did we get the ideas for our challenges?  

#1:  History: 

People have been playing drinking games before your great Grandpappy had hair on his chest. Drinking games in ancient China involved exchanging riddles and in some German speaking countries a favorite pastime was Bierkastenlauf or beer crate running.   This is where a team of two carries a crate of beer for several kilometers and must consume all of the bottles prior to crossing the finish line (we will definitely include this challenge in our next brew run).  

Here in the U.S., we are still in our infancy when it comes to homegrown drinking games.  Gelande Quaffing was born on a fateful day in 1986 in Jackson Hole, WY when a mug of beer was slid across a bar-top a little too quickly.  A fast-thinking young man caught the beer right before it hit the ground and the sport was born.   Gelande Quaffing is now an internationally known competition with teams that compete from all over the world backed by big name sponsors.   When we incorporate this into our Beer Olympics, make sure to do a spin move before catching the beer, this will earn you extra points. 

#2:  Around the world: 

Germany seems to be the breeding ground for unusual drinking games.  In the game of Hammerschlagen, every player gets a nail and sticks it in a tree.  There is one community hammer and each person gets a swing and then passes their hammer on.  The first person to sink their nail in gets a free shot and the last person has to buy the next round.  Dwight Schrute would be proud. 

Sure, we all played quarters in college but what about Irish Quarters?  This game involves players spinning a coin, chugging a beer, refilling the cup and then grabbing the coin before it stops spinning.  If you can’t finish in time, go again! 

So there you go, a short synopsis of what to possibly expect in our Beer Olympics games.  If you leave with a giant cone on your head, we assume you had a pretty good time.