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From a garage......


We will be showcasing local breweries, brews and sharing new information about everything RMBR.  Hope you enjoy!

From a garage......

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

Here is another post in our guest blog series:  Ian Clark from BRU Boulder tells us about his small beginnings brewing in his garage to big time chef and brew master!

"In retrospect it probably started when I first met the world of food at age 14.  It was my first job working in a professional kitchen and I fell in love.  The smell of fresh baked bread, the technique of chopping vegetables in perfectly even pieces, the stress, the fast pace...  From that first moment I knew I had found the place I belonged.  If I wasn't in school I was in the kitchen, and then school actually became the kitchen after my acceptance to culinary school.  I had fallen in love with cooking. And years later I learned that cooking and brewing are very similar things.  

My father-in-law introduced me to brewing.  We started home-brewing together on the weekends and I, ever the "tinker-ist" immediately needed to write my own recipes and brew all-grain beers.  So I started playing, the same way I play in the kitchen.  Testing recipes, perfecting equipment.  The next thing I knew I had too much beer and my wife was telling me that we had to do something about my "hobby."  That something became turning our garage into a living, breathing, nano-brewery where we actually sold the suds I was creating.  Sneaking in minutes late at night and on the weekends after my more than full-time job as a Executive Chef at Centro and my wife's job in marketing we were able to start selling BRU to local liquor stores and restaurants in Boulder.  

And while I had never imagined having a brewery in my garage, I had always dreamed of having my own restaurant.  The garage was just a stepping stone so when I saw the restaurant space in East Boulder (our now home for BRU) and saw that it would work for both a brewery and restaurant I was sold.  To bring my passion and craft for both brewing and cooking was a dream come true.  Today, BRU handbuilt ales & eats has been open for just over a year, but sharing my ales and eats is still a thrill.  Tomorrow, well, tomorrow I’m not sure what it will bring, but if it brings you to BRU, swing by and say hello."   


Ian Clark, Beer Chef / Owner BRU handbuilt ales & eats



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