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We are still accepting applications if you are interested in having your Colorado Microbrewery added to the tour.  Please contact us with basic information such as your specialty, brewery capacity, and location. 

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We are selecting a limited number of food trucks to partner with several tour dates and locations.  Submit your request to join the tour below.  

We will be expanding to other markets soon!  Want to bring Brew Runs to your city?  Contact us to learn more about our affiliate program.

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We will be showcasing local breweries, brews and sharing new information about everything RMBR.  Hope you enjoy!

Pikes Peak, food trucks and going local!

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

One of the perks of being the organizers for Rocky Mountain Brew Runs is that when we plan the course route for the event we also get to hop into the brewery to try one of the craft brews on tap!

Last week we finalized the Pikes Peak Brewing run route which if it is a clear day will reward you will gorgeous views of the snow-capped Pikes Peak (the breweries namesake, duh!).  


We usually go for the flight which enables us to sample most of the regular and seasonal or pilot brews on tap.  They had an amazing coffee stout that day which was my favorite (as an admitted coffee-oholic made sense) and Scott really enjoys a good IPA so the Elephant Rock was his.  

One reason we started this event series or as we like to prefer to it as "movement" (literally and figuratively) was to bring together everything Colorado and local to provide a way for people to see, experience and most importantly taste new things.   Thus, with most of our events we are also partnering with local food trucks to bring in amazing fresh food and food concepts. 

At the Pikes Peak Brew run on May 31st for example, the Merken Chile food truck will be out for you to try some amazing Chilean street food.  Several years back Scott and I spent several months backpacking South America and we absolutely fell in love with the street food, especially the empanadas!   We had many adventures on that trip, from running past machine gun laden men and tanks in downtown Lima, Peru to the unique platter served to us on the Bolivian border resembling dog droppings (we never tasted them to find out). Read more about our "running around the world" adventures HERE.

Of course, nothing compares to good old Colorado and no matter where we travel we always dream of our snow-capped peaks and of course the best microbrews in the world!

So let's raise our glasses, forks and "cheers" to the great Colorado craft brews and enterprising food trucks!
By supporting local homegrown businesses and entrepreneurs we can re-invigorate our local economies and taste all our wonderful state has to offer!

Haven't registered for the Pikes Peak Brew run yet?  
Check out the details HERE and register soon!  

- Lauren Jones
RMBR co-founder