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We are still accepting applications if you are interested in having your Colorado Microbrewery added to the tour.  Please contact us with basic information such as your specialty, brewery capacity, and location. 

Own a food truck?  

We are selecting a limited number of food trucks to partner with several tour dates and locations.  Submit your request to join the tour below.  

We will be expanding to other markets soon!  Want to bring Brew Runs to your city?  Contact us to learn more about our affiliate program.

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We will be showcasing local breweries, brews and sharing new information about everything RMBR.  Hope you enjoy!

3 reasons

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

  There are 3 reasons why we started Brew Runs that we think are important for you to know: 


1.  Wanderlust:   My husband Scott and I love to travel.  It is an understatement to say that it is our life's passion.  We make point to go on a run wherever we are and had quite a few adventures on these "runs around the world" (being chased by a pack of dogs at 5am in Santiago, Chili and running past tanks and men with machine guns in Lima, Peru to name a few).   

Running is the best way to really see a place and the intricacies of everyday life.  You don't realize how many things you miss while driving through a place so if you have the time to slow down and plan a run wherever you go we promise you will leave with a true sense of a place, its culture and people.  

Now how the heck does this relate to Brew Runs?   Well, we planned this series to start from multiple microbreweries across the front range (and eventually the entire state) so that you can join multiple brew run events and do your own little "tour" of unique places you might not have seen in Colorado. 

For example, the Brew Run at the Pikes Peak brewery will be a beautiful course.   Have you seen the view of Pikes Peak from Monument Colorado when the sun is shining on the snowcapped peak?   It (and maybe the fact that you will be running) will take your breath away. 

2.  Be a beer snob:  


I admit it, I am a beer snob.   I am also a coffee snob and a snow snob but that is despite the point.   I never really got why people liked beer so much until I tried my first microbrew.  And man did my tastebuds dance when I did!  To me, comparing a microbrew to one of those mass produced, water downed beers you can buy for $5.99 a 12 pack is like comparing a cup of stale black coffee to a Starbucks vanilla latte (told you, I'm a coffee snob).  

One major goal of Rocky Mountain Brew Runs is to give you a way to try some amazing microbrews from some of the best breweries in the state, and for that matter probably the country.   Many of these brews you will be tasting are not available at your local liquor store or bar.   Also, you will be seeing where these brews are made and tasting them directly from the source.    

3.  Run for the party!

To us, nothing is more boring than running in a timed 5k with thousands of other strangers.  Where is the feeling of community and camaraderie?    Our brew run events are laid back,  intimate and exclusive (we cap our events at a couple hundred people) so you and your friends can run, chat and not worry about that 80 year old woman passing you (yes, this happened to me on my first 5k).  There food available for purchase (either from local food trucks or the brewery) after you run to enjoy with your craft brew.  And of course our famous Beer Olympics and Taste test challenge games to participate in or simply spectate, these are pretty entertaining.   We want people to run for the love of running and we figure the best way to get people hooked is an un-timed fun run with a free beer!

We hope you decide to join us on our little journey this summer in exploring different places and microbrews in Colorado.   Let's create our own local adventures in fitness, food and drink!

-  Lauren Jones, co-founder RMBR

Check out our current brew runs schedule and register NOW!