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We are still accepting applications if you are interested in having your Colorado Microbrewery added to the tour.  Please contact us with basic information such as your specialty, brewery capacity, and location. 

Own a food truck?  

We are selecting a limited number of food trucks to partner with several tour dates and locations.  Submit your request to join the tour below.  

We will be expanding to other markets soon!  Want to bring Brew Runs to your city?  Contact us to learn more about our affiliate program.

All other general questions or sponsorship inquiries please fill out the form below, thanks and RUN ON!


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So many breweries, so little time!


We will be showcasing local breweries, brews and sharing new information about everything RMBR.  Hope you enjoy!

So many breweries, so little time!

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

Yes we have officially launched.  At this point that means that we are organized and ready to start filling our schedule with great breweries all over Colorado.  We are expert event producers so once we have them on board, we know the people will come.  Remember, it's running in Colorado following by drinking beer in Colorado!  That's an easy sell.

So here are few things that go into choosing a brewery:

Do you want us there? 

This seems like a no brainer but we need breweries that are genuinely excited about bringing a Rocky Mountain Brew Run to their spot.  Yes, you will get great traffic for the day and yes people will love you for replenishing their running efforts but the success of the event is going to have to do with how awesome the brewery is!

Can you handle the traffic?

We need breweries that can handle at least 80 people on site.  If there are options for outdoor tastings that can increase capacity, that is a great option!

Food too?

Yep, we need to be able to feed these hungry runners. Whether you have a menu onsite or need to bring in food trucks, we need to have the option of yummy eats.

Anything else? 

It's not a complete deal breaker but we are planning on supplying entertainment.  Ideally a local musician but at the very least we need to be able to play some great tunes to keep the mood upbeat!

Contact us:  If you are interested and excited to bring a RMBR to your brewery, let's set up a time to talk details, ideally over your best craft beer!