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Some accounting tips for the craft brewer

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

The following post is from Forrest Rose, owner of Grey CPAs. Forrest is a beer drinker with an accounting problem, and wanted to share some tax and accounting advice for all the craft brewers out there.

Long after the suds are poured into your patrons bellies, and all the barrels have been emptied into cans or bottles and shipped off to your distributors, craft brewers have to, unfortunately, account for all their expenses and pay Uncle Sam their fair share. You know, the same uncle that may or may not pay you back depending on how he feels during a fiscal year? Yeah, we have an up and down relationship with that uncle as well.

Whether you are a budding business with small barrels in your basement, or a large outfit pumping out more than 100 barrels a year, there are some things to think about before you file your taxes for 2016.

1.  Cost of Goods Sold:
If you are selling beer to your fellow beer drinkers, make sure you are accounting for Cost of Goods Sold. Pretty simply, this is the cost of all the good stuff that goes into making your deliciousness. Yeast, hops, barley, water, and anything else that goes into what you or someone else consumes can be itemized as a deduction. Cost of Goods Sold can be broken down into three categories: Materials, Labor, and Overhead.

2. Direct Materials: 
This is all the ingredients that we mentioned above. One way to simply keep track is to use a spreadsheet (Excel or through Google docs), and track the total amount of money you are spending on each ingredient, how much each ingredient is being used in each batch, etc. Brewery software can also be used, or contacting a certified public accountant is recommended.

3. Direct Labor:
 This is the blood, sweat, tears (and tasting) that go into the process of brewing beer. Three separate labor activities should be accounted for. These are – production, cellaring, and packaging. Some small brewers may not be packaging in cans or bottles, so replace with kegging if you are selling to bars, restaurants, or through other avenues.

4. Direct Overhead:
Basically, anything that is not materials and labor can go into this category. Are you brewing beer at your home? Great! A portion or all of your rent may be deducted from your income at the end of the year.
Clearly, some of the above is more than enough scramble any craft brewers brain. For any breweries that are producing less than 1,000 barrels a year, you might have a much more simple calculation. For those of you who want to maximize deductions, every little bit helps, especially when you are trying to get your fantastic beer out to your thirsty patrons.

Our advice: Leave this up to the professionals. Just like you are the king of craft, the meister of beer, and the saint of saison, accountants are the ones who can make your lives easier.  They will save you money, time, and most of all, allow you to drink more of the happy concoction that you are making!

Brew Runs is going on a road trip.....

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

Okay not really but we are expanding to several new locations across the country:  Central California and the Tampa Bay Area. 

Justine Hilton, right, enjoying a Golden City Brew.  Our partner with Bay Area Brew Runs. 

Justine Hilton, right, enjoying a Golden City Brew.  Our partner with Bay Area Brew Runs. 

We've taken on some amazing new partners in each city including Denver local, runner and beer lover Justine Hilton.  You've probably met her at one of our Colorado brew runs, she is the one rocking the colorful hair, leggings and competing in many Beer Olympics games. 

If you have friends or families in these areas please help spread the word.  Or if you  know of any great breweries to reach out to we'd love to hear about them too. 

As the Brew Run season winds down we'd like to thank all of our amazing participants, regular runners and of course the breweries we worked with for providing great venues and the best beer Colorado has to offer!

Check out our new locations by clicking on the logos below!  

A letter to my beer

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

My dearest Beer,
      When I hold you in my hands, I think about all of the moments we have spent together.  Those long nights with friends around a bonfire singing throwback songs and the wild tailgate parties cheering on our favorite teams.  

You are truly the perfect companion no matter what we do and somehow you make everyone around you feel at ease.   I always look forward to relaxing on the couch together after a long, grueling day.   

Sometimes you can be cold and often bitter.  But the more time I spend with you, the hoppier I become.  

You always keep me on my feet by adding something new to my boring routine with your many types and flavors.  I never know what to expect with you, so thank you for making me want to try something new.

So with that, I toast to you for being simply you.  

Love always and your biggest fan,

Beer Drinker

5 beers to stop drinking

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

Hold on, wait a minute, what?!?  Stop drinking beer you say?  That is blasphemy!

Alright, before you get too upset about this post title, please, read on.  

Most people are able to easily decipher what is good and bad for their bodies.  However, which alcoholic beverages to choose can be more difficult, especially after a few too many. ONE night of drinking could potentially ruin over an entire weeks worth of eating well and working out.
Why?  Because the FDA does not monitor alcoholic beverages, it is not required to label its ingredients. Most breweries will say it is to keep their secret recipes safe, but others have revealed it’s to keep their toxic ingredients hidden.

Here is a list of toxic ingredients frequently found in beer:

• GMO Corn Syrup

• GMO Corn

• High Fructose Corn Syrup

• Fish Bladder

• Propylene Glycol

• Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

• Natural Flavors

• GMO Sugars

• Caramel Coloring

• Insect-Based Dyes

• Carrageenan


Now, here’s a list of beer you should stay away from:

1. New Castle Brown Ale: 
New Castle is at the top of our list because it is the only beer with extra cancer causing qualities. It contains Class 3 & 4 caramel coloring, which is classified as a carcinogen.  

2. Budweiser:
Budweiser may be the most advertised and probably one of the most loved beers in America, but you will not love what Greenpeace found in it in 2007:  GMO rice. 

3. Michelob Ultra:
Michelob Ultra is the commercial beer for women around the US, possibly because of its sweeter taste and lower calories/carbs. Unfortunately, this sweetness is caused by genetically modified sweeteners (GMO dextrose). 

We cry tears of sorrow for you Colorado.......

We cry tears of sorrow for you Colorado.......

4. Corona Extra:
Most people cannot picture a beach trip without a cold Corona and lime. Next time you may think twice about drinking this refreshing beer because it contains GMO corn syrup and Propylene Glycol.

5. Coors Light: 
I know this is a hard one to accept, especially for Coloradans, but I had to throw it on the list.  Coors Light contains GMO corn syrup. You can take it or leave it!

The good news?
Craft beer is where it is at people.  These brews are literally being hand "crafted" in small batches right in front of you.  With only fresh natural ingredients you could almost say that craft beer is good for you, just like your daily multivitamin.

So head to your local microbrewery and let them know we sent you, cheers! 

-  Campbell Kraft
RMBR intern and craft beer lover!

5 beers for the Hater.

Rocky Mountain Brew runs

Below is a guest post from one of our fabulous summer interns, Jenny Karson.  Admittedly, Jenny wasn't much of a beer lover nor a beer drinker for that matter before joining the team  (we know what you are thinking- oh the horror, oh the abomination!)

However, after a weekend in the mountains where we did a beer tasting/education seminar with all our interns (we tasted over 30 different types and brands of that night) and helping us at several Brew Runs where she got a taste of real, hand crafted Colorado brews, we believe we've converted Jenny to the dark side.  No seriously, she's found a real love for dark beer!

Here is Jenny's post with some great insights on finding that perfect beer for your non-beer loving friends.


Hey there Non Beer Drinkers, it’s time for you to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BREWS!!  Right now you’re probably reading this, wine in hand while watching Family Feud and thinking that you will never be convinced to like beer. Well stop “WINING” and give a beer a second chance!

I was once a "hater" like you but the more I tasted and the more I learned, I developed an appreciation and even love for the frothy substance.  You see, beer is one of the most diverse, complex, and fascinating beverages out there.  From chocolatey-sweet to grapefruit- bitter, and all kinds in between; I guarantee you that there is a beer out there for everyone.  

These five are a good place to start. 

1. Pilsner Urquell from Plzensky Prazdroj

Sure you have tried big name beers like Budweiser and Miller, well this is like those  but not so cheap tasting and flavorless. Pilsner Urquell is THE original pilsner, and it  has a sweet mellow flavor with light spicy-citrusy hops. Think like your tasting  biscuits with a kick to them. Now how can you go wrong with that?? 

 2. Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrüb from Paulaner

This is a great starter beer in general, and this is one of the best. This ale is characterized by sweet banana and clove flavors with a creamy. It provides a luscious mouthfeel and a crisp finish. (Highly recommended ) 


3. Peach (Pêche) Lambic from Lindemans 

This is your perfect summer beer, and fruity so this one is all the girl’s favorite,  including myself. Also the good part is it really doesn’t even really taste like beer! It’s comparable to a ripe summer peach in fizzy beer form. It's deliciously fruity with a nice sour edge.

4. Nut Brown Ale from Samuel Smith Old Brewery: 

This one is for your fall time brew happy hours. Nut Brown beers features roasted nut and buttery caramel flavoring, adding a perfect touch and taste to your buds.  This is a good one to try if you're not a fan of bitterness in beer.

5. Left Hand Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewing Company: 

This is proof that dark beers don't have to be bitter or burnt-tasting. This milk stout  tastes like silky espresso poured over ice and swirled with cream. You’re going to  want refills on this one!

So there you have it, 5 beers for the beer haters. Now put down your wine and start heading out to craft breweries to try these amazing and one of a kind beers. In no time, you will be retired from the wine and on to new and better drinks out there. 


- Jenny Karson
RMBR intern and former hater