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Beer Olympics


Beer Olympics are a series of competitions, most modeled after real Olympics or CrossFit games, some are inspired by drinking games from around the world and others are a just a little silly.  Every game is fun and all about the beer!

These games are all part of the free post run festivities at all of our Brew runs, time to test your agility, fitness and beer drinking skills.

Beer balance relay:  

Five teams of 2 line up.  One partner balances a half filled beer on their hand and must run 50 meters and back without spilling while the other partner does burpees.  They switch, and then the last runner must chug the beer.  The first team to complete the relay and drink the beer wins!





Beer squat challenge:  

How many squats can you do in 1 minute?  What about if you are holding 3 ounces of beer on your head?  A fitness coach will referee, making sure you are squatting with proper form, deep enough and helping you to keep track.  The person who completes the most squats without spillage wins the GOLD!




Keg haul relay:

Two teams of 4 line up.  2 people carry keg (holding onto each side) down 50 meters and back while partners do pushups, switch and the first team back wins!






Corn hole drinking challenge:

Teams of 2 line up in front of a corn hole board.  First partner must make a shot while other partner drinks a beer, they switch and first team to finish their beer and complete the 2nd shot wins!  





Triple jump:  

Complete 3 broad jumps in a row, try to get the furthest without spilling your beer!







Flanking: Flip cup planking relay

Three teams of three line a long table. The first person drinks their beer, flips their cup, and goes into a plank. Then the second person then drinks beer, flips their cup, and goes into a plank. The first team to have their final person flip their cup successfully wins.